Hulu Improves Navigation Bar; Adds Playlists

hulu logo

Hulu just got a lot more user-friendly thanks to a couple simple changes, as reported by Switched. First off, we can now create and share playlists. To create a playlist, click the “+” sign near any video and select the “Add to playlist” option (there is also an “Add to queue” option). When prompted, either choose an existing list or create a new one. To edit playlists, visit the “Playlists” tab now located in your profile. You can also share playlists with other users, so long as a friendship request has been accepted.

Hulu also greatly improved its navigation bar. Playlists are located in the “Browse” menu, as is most of what Hulu users want to find: TV Shows, Movies, Trailers, By Genre, Playlists, and Coming Soon. “By Genre” replaces the previously named “Channels” and gives more ways to narrow down the search for content. These additions should enhance the Hulu experience by making it easier to find and store content we want to watch. It also means we can now seamlessly and easily watch several episodes of a show, something I definitely appreciate.

What do you think of Hulu’s changes?