THE CLOSER “Living Proof: Part 2” Review

THE CLOSER "Living Proof, Part 2"

THE CLOSER “Living Proof: Part 2” Season 6 Episode 14 – Well, I am not sure I could be more wrong about what was happening and who was it behind it than I was in my predictions last week. Truly, I am no Brenda. Did any of you not gasp when the bomb was dropped about Armand?

Here I was blaming his wife, Joan, and his nephew Skander, when it was Armand all along. I was truly baffled when they got the DNA results and both turned to look at Joan and Armand. I never once guessed that Armand was actually one of the police/soldiers that found the Marku family and raped the women. Then to find out he is the father of Skander? Unreal. I think I am still in shock. Top that off with his killing everyone that could identify him, probably even including his son, and I was stunned. Great twist, writers.

What I loved is how well the team came together to find out how to actually nab Armand once they realized who he was and what he had done, even enlisting his wife’s help. It was chilling when Brenda told her, “There was only one survivor in that room, yet we have heard that story twice.” Do you know I still did not know what was going on at that point? Some detective I would make. I was a bit surprised that the team even managed to come together with all of the griping that was going on. I might have asked this last week, but how is it possible that an entire division, charged with solving murders, thought they could all go away at Christmas and not have a murder to solve? That was the most unrealistic part of these episodes.

How brilliant was it of Brenda to get Armand to admit that Armand Marku was not his real name thereby nullifying his marriage certificate, his marriage and any privilege attached? That certainly gave them entry into the car. Things I loved about this final part of the episode included:

The turmoil Armand’s wife was in after finding out his true identity. Can you even imagine a human rights attorney and activist finding out she married a war criminal? Then to find out anything she knows might be covered by privilege? Unreal.

The fact that Fritz staged a robbery of Brenda’s parents’ RV so that they wouldn’t move here. Seemed to have worked. The crime scene tape was hilarious!

When Brenda asks her father what is missing from the RV, he accuses her of trying to find out what she was getting for Christmas.

In the end, everyone had a very Merry Christmas dinner in the murder room, nonetheless.

I think this was an amazing second part to last week’s episode. I was constantly evaluating what I found out and re-evaluating what I already knew, neither of which helped me in the end. It was good to hear that Joan planned on fleeing with the children. I am not sure that she will ever recover from the betrayal and loss she has suffered. Kudos to the team on this one!

What did you think about tonight’s episode of The Closer, and both parts of Living Proof? Did you have any clue about Armand’s true identity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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