Taryn Manning to Leave Hawaii Five-0?

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Wow, things sure do move fast on one of my favorite shows, Hawaii Five-0. So first we find out that Steve McGarrett has a sister, then she gets somewhat involved in the case of their murdered mother (by stumbling upon clues McGarrett didn’t want her to see) and now it looks like her story arc might already be coming to an end.

According to TVGuide.com , Taryn Manning (who plays McGarrett’s little sister, MaryAnn) will be back on the show on January 3 and her character will play a large role in the episode. However, they are also reporting that this may very well be her last appearance on the show. MaryAnn will be kidnapped and everything is all part of a plot connected to the series’ number two bad guy (because personally I think James Marsters’ Victor Hesse will be the “number one” bad guy in my eyes for a while), Wo Fat.

The show reportedly opens with McGarrett rushing to his sister’s new apartment and discovering “there was a struggle,” explains Taryn,. “Steve discovers a tooth on the ground, basically establishing that MaryAnn was a badass and fought her whole way through. There’s a lot of emotion.”

Taryn shares that “Alex wasn’t very happy” with the producers’ decision to alter their plans for Mary Ann. “He liked me and liked our relationship. He felt my character was necessary to explore further aspects of his role and was prepared to fight for me.”

Alex was reported as saying, “I haven’t worked with Taryn as much as I would like. She brings out a certain paternal caring that Steve wouldn’t normally have. With both their parents gone, he feels an obligation to keep an eye on her; especially since she’s troubled and kind of out of control.”

No one’s giving away the ending but it’s supposed to be a tear-jerker and being that it also could be Taryn’s last episode, I for one have a guess as to how it might end. It would be interesting if they proved me wrong though. Especially since I rather enjoyed the other side of McGarrett we got to see when his kid sis was around.

Luckily, the 32-year-old hasn’t let any of this news get her down. A Buddhist, Taryn has a small altar that has been travelling back and forth with her from Los Angeles to Hawaii. The altar, which she sits crossed-legged at and chants every morning and night, helps with with “quieting her mind from all the chitter chatter.”

Taryn will now turn her attention to her music (one of her songs, “Spotlight,” was played in an early episode of Hawaii Five-0 and is available on iTunes), as well as other acting gigs, like a guest spot on Law & Order: SVU and possibly returning to her recurring role on Sons of Anarchy. She is also considering an offer to play Janis Joplin in an independent film. As for Five-0, she has no regrets: “I chanted to get this show and the benefits have been priceless.”

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