No Hulu Plus for Your Cable DVR

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According to , don’t expect Hulu Plus to appear any time soon on your TiVo devices supplied by cable companies like Suddenlink, Cox or RCN – despite the fact that it’s slated to come to TiVo’s Premiere DVR soon.

The trouble is that rights holders are resisting subscription-based streaming content being placed next to cable-powered VOD offerings, and they’re preventing services like Hulu Plus and Netflix on any device provided to you by your pay TV operator through licensing clauses.

Suddenlink announced last week that it would love to offer its customers access to Netflix on its Premiere DVRs, but can’t because Netflix isn’t able to deliver its subscription service to DVRs leased by cable companies. Netflix did confirm that it’s because their contracts don’t allow it and now Hulu is reporting the same problem.

It’s pretty frustrating for consumers who want to be able to get a TiVo through their cable company and have it offer the same features as those sold in retail outlets. Right now, that’s just not the case and when you’re only saving a few dollars to purchase one through your cable company, you have to wonder if it’s worth it.

TiVo could end up losing out in this whole business, banking as they do on alliances with cable companies to make up for it’s ever-declining customer subscriber base. With news like this, I can’t see that a lot of cable companies are going to be clamoring for their Premiere DVRs if they don’t offer much more than the generic boxes they already ship out.

A TiVo spokesperson had this to say on the issue:

“[it is] important to remember that TiVo offers a millions of pieces of broadband delivered content from providers beyond just Netflix, as well as integrated cable video on demand.”

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