CASH CAB Coming to Chicago with Beth Melewski

Cash Cab Chicago

Watch out Chicagoans, according to The Huffington Post , The Discover Network is launching a spin-off version of its hit game show Cash Cab, in your fair city – which means that the next time you get in a cab, you could end up on television trying to win lots and lots of cash.

The series, itself a remake of a similar British TV show set in London, has had a banner year, winning its second Daytime Emmy award for best game show while host Ben Baily won his first Emmy as best host.

Showrunners came up with the idea for the Chicago version after Bailey taped a few episodes in Las Vegas, some of which included entertainers such a Carrot Top, who played for charity. Setting Cash Cab in a new city, with new sites and new people could give the show a completely different feel:

The Chicago version will be hosted by “Second City” cast member and comic, Beth Melewski. Clark Bunting, Discovery’s CEO, said that Melewski had the combination of smarts and knowledge of her city to work well in the cab.

“Beth feels real-deal Chicago. You’ve got to have, for these shows at least, a feel for the city.”

There are currently no plans for expansion beyond these two cities, though other versions of the show air in Canada, Japan and Australia.

The Chicago shows will begin airing within the two-hour block of four Cash Cab episodes that Discovery airs from 5 p. m. to 7 p. m. Eastern time, probably after the broadcast networks end their season in May. Bailey has been taping fresh New York episodes that will begin airing earlier. He’s already made more than 200 since the game began in 2005.

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