Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul to Appear in BIG LOVE Finale

Amanda Seyfrid and Aaron Paul

Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul are heading back to HBO’s BIG LOVE one last time. TV Guide reports that their characters Sarah and Scott, who got married and moved to Portland, Oregon late in the fourth season, will return to Sandy, Utah for the series finale.

“Both Amanda and Paul really wanted to be a part of the last episode, even though they were both shooting movies,” co-creator Will Scheffer told TV Guide, while his partner Mark Olsen said, “It was special. Literally and figuratively it was a family getting back together.”

There are no details as to what Sarah and Scott will be doing in the finale, but Seyfried and Paul shot their scenes in mid-December and the episode is expected to air in March.

The fifth and final season of Big Love premieres on HBO Sunday, January 16 at 9pm eastern/8pm central.