Happy Holidays 2010!

Happy Holidays 2010 from Daemon's TV


We would like to first thank everyone who has supported us throughout this wonderful year. It’s been a really fun ride so far and we just love sharing our TV addiction and love with all of you. So thank you!

Second, we would like to thank all our wonderful writers who help make Daemon’s TV what it is.

Amie, Araya, Candice, Ciara, Cordelia, Dani, Darryl, Kelly, Kristen, Jessica, Jose, Michelle, Mokibobolink, and Muffy.

Finally, I wanted to give everyone a quick reminder that the Doctor Who Christmas Special airs on Saturday December 25th at 9pm on BBC America (and at 6pm on BBC One in the UK). Why should you watch it? Well because it’s the best show ever! But more seriously, it is my all-time favorite show, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to plug it once again. Check out a couple of clips from the special below.

And one final quick reminder that you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (Eric is @ericdaemons and I’m @sandiedaemons).