Damian Lewis and David Harewood Join HOMELAND Pilot

Damian Lewis and David Harewood

Showtime’s dramatic pilot HOMELAND certainly has my attention. It was previously announced that Claire Danes would star with Mandy Patinkin in a crucial role, and now Deadline reports that Damian Lewis (Life) has snagged the male lead.

Lewis will play US Marine Sergeant Scott Brody, who disappeared during the 2003 invasion of Baghdad and who now has returned home, receiving a hero’s welcome, after being a prisoner of war for eight years. He tries to settle back into life with his wife (Laura Fraser, A Knight’s Tale), but the horrors of his imprisonment remain with him. Meanwhile, CIA officer Carrie Anderson (Danes) thinks he might have been turned during his imprisonment and is now leading a strike against the United States.

Additionally, David Harewood (Blood Diamond) has been cast as the youngest ever CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. He is politically savvy and decisive, but he also puts his well-being first and Carrie’s compulsive need to follow every avenue of investigation, no matter how minor or inconvenient, vexes him.

Production on Homeland is scheduled to begin in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 10.