PSYCH “Yin 3 in 2D” Review

PSYCH (USA) Yin 3 in 2D

PSYCH “Yin 3 in 2D” Season 5 Episode 16 – Why do I love Psych season finales? Could it be all the extra drama, angst, action thrown in with the same amount of humor we’ve all come to know and love from this show? You bet it is.

Which is why I was a little worried when they actually caught Yin in this episode and Yang went safely back to the loony bin. Without the Yin Yang storyline where will we be next season when it’s time for our seasonal dose of serious Shawn? Well the good news is that there is still Alison, and considering the glare she gave Shawn and Gus while she was carted away in a police car, I’m thinking she could be their next foe. Also, like Shawn pointed out to Juliette, there is always another crazy waiting in line. So I guess there’s really nothing to worry about, I’m sure the show will have no problem giving us the type of season finales we’ve come to expect – which is to say fan-freaking-tastic.

Finally, I loved how when everything was over, they left off with Lassie discovering Shawn and Juliette’s little secret. I cannot wait to see what that does to the relationship between all of them, come next season. Gah, I can’t believe we have to wait six months to see it. Sigh.

My favorite bits..

Shawn deciding that he would like to die by firing squad and picking nothing but comedians to do the shooting because it would be funnier that way.

Shawn throwing a piece of candy at Lassie.

Juliette’s reaction to hearing the girl’s story and asking Lassie if she still needed to be there.

Shawn asking Juliette if she was afraid to believe Alison. Whoa.

Henry spitting out his coffee when Alison asked if he was psychic, too. Ha!

Finding out that the pic of little Shawn standing next to Yang was real.

Henry showing Alison all of Shawn’s turkey drawings.

Henry telling Alison that he thought of turning Shawn’s room into something useful, but changed his mind when he realized it would involve target practice. LOL.

Freaking out as much as Henry did when he saw the yin yang symbol on the bed and that Alison was gone. Holy crap!

Yang saying that she was no longer a threat to others except for the “fat bitch in the cafeteria who can’t grasp the concept of a full scoop of mashed potatoes”.

Yang telling Lassie not to get his “1950’s boxers in a twist”.

Henry fumbling when telling Shawn to “see… uh, sense” the way things were. Whew, nice catch.

Loving Shawn’s collection of vinyl. Nice!

Finding out that Gus still has his Lite Brite. Aw man, I used to love mine so much. Coolest. Toy. Ever.

Henry ignoring Lassie and trying to break into the house, even without backup.

My jaw just about dropping to the floor when Alison pulled out the shotgun. Okay yeah, I so didn’t see that coming.

Shawn asking Alison if she knew the exact moment she realized she was a complete psycho. LOL.

Thinking “OMG it’s Robocop!” when Yin turned around and revealed himself.

Gus’s guesses on what Shawn would be thinking when he died, especially the one about that scene in Summer School because that’s one of my favorites too.

Juliette figuring out that Alison was lying. Way to go, Jules!

The Juliette versus Alison kick-ass chick fight and Juliette winning.

Gus telling Shawn that he didn’t blame him and if he had the chance to do it all again he would and apologizing for not always being able to cut loose. Oh Gus, oh Shawn.. *whimpers*

Shawn asking if Grover’s Corners was a Sesame Street reference. Oh Shawn, well I guess he didn’t perform in ‘Our Town’ when he was in high school, like all of the rest of us did. And let me just say that I was pretty darn good as Mrs. Webb. 😉

Saying a silent “daddy??” right along with Gus when Yang came in the door.

Yang getting her new pic with Shawn.

Shawn pulling Gus into the hug with him and his parents. Awww!

McNab telling Lassie that he was like a robot and Lassie saying someone had told him that on his Eharmony page. LOL.

Lassie taking a moment to shake off everything that had happened, once he was alone… ah, so maybe not such a robot after all. Love seeing little hints of his humanity peeking through sometimes.

Shawn and Juliette promising to protect each other. Aw, so sweet!

Lassie standing behind the window and catching Shawn and Juliette kissing. Oh boy!!

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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