HUMAN TARGET “The Other Side of the Mall” Review

HUMAN TARGET (FOX) The Other Side of the Mall

HUMAN TARGET “The Other Side of the Mall” Season 2 Episode 6 – It’s Christmastime and everyone on the team seems to like the holidays or loathe them, in varying degrees. Chance is on one end of the spectrum, hating everything about them thanks to his somewhat less than Normal Rockwell upbringing. Guerrero’s right there with him, though I could see that both Ames and Winston didn’t hate the holiday so much as not understand it that well. Ilsa meanwhile is taking the first holiday without her late husband pretty hard.

In between all the angst from the team, the case brought a lot of humor and fun to this episode, which I enjoyed. I laughed out loud at least a few times (Chance flying Santa’s sleigh was classic) and I also got a huge kick out of the soundtrack for this episode. All of those rocked-out versions of my favorite Christmas songs were a blast, and totally fit the mood of the episode. Chance and his crew don’t exactly fit in with a choir version of ‘Oh Holy Night’.

My favorite bits..

Chance calling Winston a roly-poly Santa Claus in training.

Chance understanding right away why Ilsa was going away over the holidays, even if she tried to deny it.

Cracking up when Chance said they were in hell because, well, that neighborhood they were driving through kinda looked like mine. LOL.

Winston saying that he was “familiar” with The Secret Life of Bees. Oh Winston, you’re quite the mystery aren’t you?

Chance and Guerrero arguing over the benefits of placing a tracker versus lifted keys.

Guerrero asking the guy if he was raised in a barn and telling him to pick up his cup.

Thinking of the world “hell” while Chance was looking around at everything in the office, even before he said it.

Guerrero stealing office supplies and wondering what the heck he was gonna do with all that stuff. It’s not the like has an actual office… wait, or does he?

Winston and Rachel sharing stories about how their “partners” were snapping at them for wanting to put up Christmas decorations.

Chance threatening to break out the ball gags. Uh oh.

Finding out my suspicions were correct when it turned out that the “professional mouth-breathers” were after Joel.

Chance warning the kids to “Stay off drugs, I’ll be watching”. Ha! I think they might just believe him, considering he had just finished kicking some major ass when he said it.

Being rather impressed with what Guerrero can do with a stapler. Okay so maybe I was wrong.. looks like Guerrero will be using those office supplies he stole, to do what
he does best.

Chance talking to Joel and getting the kid to overcome his fear and do the drop.

Chance telling Winston to smile in his Santa costume because he was scaring the kids. Was it just me or did anyone else think that Winston made a perfect Santa?

Finding out that Chance can apparently use anything, including a shopping bag, as a weapon.

Not just the fact that Chance rode Santa’s sleigh, but that while he did it some guy yelled out “that jackass is ruining Christmas!”. ROTFLMAO!

Ames throwing a hissy fit in the background when Joel nearly let the girl go home.

Guerrero saying he’d rather be tortured by himself than live in the suburbs. Ha!

Chance scrambling to turn the lights back on, claiming he was just checking the water, when he thought he’d been caught.

Chance and Ilsa toasting to “abnormal families”. Aw.

Cracking up when Chance unplugged the tree, cuz I totally knew he was gonna do it. Loved his little smile to himself as he walked away.

What did you think of this episode of Human Target? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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