TOWER PREP “Trust” Review

Tower Prep (Cartoon Network) "Trust"

TOWER PREP “Trust” Episode 11 – Escape from TOWER PREP is finally becoming more than a dream for Ian and the gang in “Trust”. With the information they’ve amassed, they start laying the groundwork for the long-awaited day. Gabe is getting extra apples, Suki is madly at work, CJ is making rope. Everything is set to go, when things suddenly begin to unravel. Cal Rice, last seen in the company of Gnomes, turns up in CJ’s room, the headmaster calls Ian to task for being “broken” and it looks like their escape plans are known. And then…

There is always an “and then” at Tower Prep isn’t there?

Ian finds out that school might be about to explode in revolution. Following the information given to him by a fellow student, he finds a resistance group led by Red Fang, a group that calls itself the “Broken.” The “Broken” have a huge problem, the student who has been playing Red Fang is a bit broken himself and they want Ian to lead them. Their carrot to get him to join? The wall isn’t real and they offer the only way out. And that’s just the beginning.

“Trust” hits the ground running, trusting (pardon the pun) that you are up-to-date on the latest events and ready to dive into the twists and turns of this episode. The writers outdid themselves with this one as they begin to wrap up all the storylines in preparation for the season finale next week. The humor that has marked some of the recent episodes was lacking from “Trust”, and I found I missed it.

They did, finally, get around to addressing CJ and Ian and that little thing they have between them. We all know it was there. I’ve resented Cal since he popped onto the scene and then tonight when he showed up again-how dare he! The question of trust is very much a part of CJ and Ian’s relationship and how Cal plays into it is there until the very end. I had a heart-warming “aww” moment for them though. It was well handled and not overly sweet or lacking in warmth. In fact, it was just perfect.

There was no lack of action in “Trust” and that propelled the episode forward at a high-speed. Once or twice, I found myself a little confused. I’m not sure if this was a result of looking away for half a second (yes, it went that fast) or that there was some confusion in the writing along the way. I just know that I was caught up completely, and once or twice was left with wide eyes and a “NO!” sounding in my heart. The final act was so engrossing that when it ended, I was left a little stunned and waiting for more. Only, there wasn’t any. I have to wait a whole week, a whole week for more Tower Prep and it’s the season finale. My heart might not last.