THE CLOSER “Living Proof: Part 1” Review

"THE CLOSER"  "Living Proof-Part 1"

THE CLOSER “Living Proof: Part 1” Season 6 Episode 13 – I am pinch hitting for Kristen this week and next, but she will be back for reviews of The Closer after the holidays.

Tonight was the first part in a two part episode of The Closer in which the team finds themselves with alternate plans for the holidays when a seemingly innocuous knife fights results in at least three deaths and what was aptly named by the young nephew as a “blood feud.”

How intriguing was this episode? Even knowing the premise about a possible family feud, I never could have anticipated the many layers that unfolded, and those that are still left to be discovered. It seems to me this killing spree will never be solved until the audio is translated from the 911 call. So what do we know so far?

The man who was attacked by his father did not recognize his father until he accosted him as he hadn’t seen his father in many years.

The man’s two sisters were murdered by having their throats slashed, but probably not by their father since one of them was withdrawing money at the time the father was attacking his son and then later died after being run over by the police car. How crazy was that by the way?

The man’s nephew was found in the apartment with his dog and he refuses to say much of anything but does look creepy and smiles somewhat eerily at times. For a while I suspected that he was behind the killings. However, he was attempting to contact his aunt who was dead. I do suspect, however, that it will turn out he is not who they think he is once the DNA results come back.

The man’s wife knows quite a lot about the man’s past, the war in Kosovo, and the culture but her suspicious turn from not wanting the nephew in her home to refusing to let him be questioned and invoking herself as her attorney put her high on my list of involvement. Also was this line “We can never put this behind us, no matter what I do.” Makes me wonder what she has done to put it behind them.

If this is truly about honor killing or avenging the sisters who were wronged, why were the sisters killed and not the brother or the father? What is truly going on with this family? What are your thoughts? I am eager to see what next week’s episode reveals. How genius was it that Brenda’s mother suggested the use of the computer to find out what the nephew knew? I see where Brenda gets her detective skills.

My favorite line from the episode was “You named your angel Keith?” I also liked Raydor’s anger when she exclaimed her frustration in having to write a report about Pope to Pope. I love how the team can keep its humor in the face of so much tragedy. That makes good detectives.

What did you think of the first part of this episode of The Closer? Any predictions as to what is going on with this family and the slayings? I am betting on the man’s wife for now. We will see what happens next week. Share your thoughts about this episode with us in the comment section below. I would love to hear what others think is going to happen!

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