Enver Gjokaj and Nick D’Agosto Cast in USA Pilot EDEN

Enver Gjokaj

Okay I gotta admit that I’m a little wary to report this story considering the last time I talked about one of my favorite actors from Dollhouse getting a new series, it didn’t go so well. Just days after I reported that Eliza Dushku was going to star in a new TNT series, she had backed out of the show, but I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen this time.

So here goes..

According to Deadline.com Enver Gjokaj (who I absolutely adored in Dollhouse, in case I forgot to mention that already) and Nick D’Agosto (from Heroes) are set to star in USA’s new series EDEN. The show is about a young hotel worker (played by D’Agosto) who, with some help from his escaped con artist older cousin (played by Gjokaj), gets a job as the concierge at an elite NYC hotel.

Between the two of them, they manage to get hotel guests whatever they desire, at whatever cost. The two-male lead is a setup that has worked well for USA in the past with shows like Psych, Royal Pains and White Collar – all of which are amazing. With Gjokaj in a leading role and the series coming from USA, to say that I’m excited about Eden might be a bit of an understatement.

Excuse me while I jump up and down and squeal like a little girl for a few minutes.. 😉

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