LEVERAGE “The Big Bang Job” and “The San Lorenzo Job” (Season Finale) Advance Review

LEVERAGE (TNT) The San Lorenzo Job

LEVERAGE “The Big Bang Job” and “The San Lorenzo Job” Season 3 Episodes 15 and 16 (Season Finale) – the season long Damian Moreau arc comes to a head in the two part LEVERAGE season 3 finale, comprised of “The Big Bang Job” and “The San Lorenzo Job” episodes. I was lucky enough to see the episodes early, and overall they’re a good twisty finish to a strong season.

Leverage usually goes all out for its season finales, and that is certainly the case here, especially when it comes to the action-packed first episode “The Big Bang Job.” “The San Lorenzo Job” drags a bit in a few spots, but I like the twists and it has plenty of amusing satire of American politics. In both episodes, the writers tie in plot lines from earlier in the season in interesting ways, and while at least one of those ways is a bit strained and disbelief overall needs to be suspended a bit more than usual in these two episodes, (one scene in particular), I think the payoff is worth it.

While there is some interesting character development all around, Eliot gets the most focus as we are given a couple of hints into his back story and how it currently affects him Christian Kane shines, as does the rest of the cast in this very teamwork-oriented finale.

We finally meet Damian Moreau in the form of a slickly smug Goran Visnjic. Unfortunately with Moreau comes The Italian, and she is even more distracting here (especially in “The Big Bang Job”) than usual. As to the actual Moreau story, there are some great moments and surprising reveals, and while Visnjic is more generic villain (with the exception of one scene, at least) than I had hoped, I’m mostly happy with how it’s handled.

As always, there is a cliffhanger of sorts, and while the stakes in this particular cliffhanger might be lower than we’re used to, I think it will generate at least as much discussion as any other Leverage season-ender.

Favorite (out of context and un-attributed to avoid spoilers) lines: “Everything blows up, silly.” “Isn’t that treason?” “Am I going to hate it?”/”No, but he is.” “If you ask me that, I’m gonna tell you, so please don’t ask me.” “Am I going to hate it?”/”No, but I am.” “Who are you?” “I don’t know. I did not watch it. That would be wrong.” “Age of the geek, baby.”

My favorite exchange is one I can’t share because it would give too much away, but it occurs near the end of “The Big Bang Job” and is a direct and awesome reference to one of my favorite scenes from earlier in the season.

I enjoyed both episodes, and while I think “The Big Bang Job” is stronger and more fun, I love how “The San Lorenzo Job” ends and overall I’m satisfied with this finish to Leverage‘s season. It serves the characters very well, which is what matters most to me.

After you’ve watched the two part Leverage season finale on TNT tonight at 9pm eastern/8pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought of the episodes. What was the biggest surprise for you?

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