SANCTUARY “Hollow Men” Review

SANCTUARY "Hollow Men"

SANCTUARY “Hollow Men” Season 3 Episode 10 – This week’s epsiode of SANCTUARY, also the mideason finale, finds Magnus, Will, Kate and Henry in Hollow Earth and on the verge of finding the hidden city, but at what cost?

That was quite a cliffhanger for the midseason finale. We know that the team cannot be dead, so what do you think happened? I wonder if the “execution” somehow changed the team, thereby making them no longer surface people? Is that even possible?

Although this episode was centered entirely around the hidden city, I thought it was really good. I loved how Magnus and Will made their way through almost every trap to be rescued by the farm family. A giant snake like thing that you can only escape by not looking at? Super cool. It was interesting that even though Tesla’s vampire cloak worked inasmuch as Magnus was able to get through the security devices, the people in the hidden city could still tell she was cloaked. You would think if they could tell that, they would have their detection devices do something about that as well.

One thing I could have done without was Kate and Henry. Everytime the show moved to their journey, I was bored. I don’t know if it was just Kate, or both of them, but they seemed to offer nothing to further the story at all. Am I alone in thinking this? I wish they would have let John and Tesla come along and left Kate and Henry at home. Kate seems so inappropriate at times. You are in the center of the earth and strangers arrive and the first thing you think to do is move toward them waving and shouting “Hey”? I would have shot her too.

Let’s talk about Worth. Did anyone guess that he would turn on John once in Hollow Earth? I feel almost foolish for not guessing that. It is so easy to believe Worth when he is Adam that you forget how quickly he switches to his other persona. The question I have is who is Worth in this underground city? Why are the people so willing to do what he says? What is he going to do with John? Was his goal all along just to get back to the city or to bring Helen to the city and for what purpose? So many questions!

I expect a finale to leave the viewers with questions. I did not expect my reaction to the episode. This episode has really left me wanting more. I want to know everything. What is the hidden city about? Why do you need special clearance to get there? Why do the farmers and traders outside of the city look like they have been beat up? How can you be a traitor to a city you have never been to? How do the people in the underground city know about surface people when most surface people don’t know about the hidden city? Is Magnus’ father really there? I doubt he is.

What did you think of this episode of Sanctuary? Did it leave you with as many questions as it did me? Did it leave you anxious for more? What do you think is going to happen to John and the rest of the team? What will Tesla be able to do to help from afar? Speaking of Tesla, again he had some good lines. My favorites include: “Hewey, Dewey and Screwey” and “He’s not worth it. Pardon the pun.” I also liked Will’s line “Why would I bring my phone to Hollow Earth.” What were your favorite lines from this episode? What did you think of this episode and Hollow Earth from what you have seen so far? What do you think the rest of the season has in store for us? Tell us everything in the comment section below.

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