Slingplayer Mobile Rolls Out Updates for iPhone and iPod

Slingplayer Mobile

Slingplayer Mobile released new updates for their app on Tuesday that will bring some much anticipated changes. The new 2.0 version will now allow iPhone and iPod users to experience the player as only iPad users previously could.

Slingplayer Mobile version 2.0 was released on Tuesday and provides higher quality video and a friendlier program guide. Users need at least an 800kbps (Wi-Fi) or 500kbps (3G) internet connection to experience the higher quality video and only those who own the Slingbox SOLO or Pro-HD will reap the full benefits.

The updates to Slingplayer Mobile now allows iPhone and iPod touch users to experience video quality and a more comfortable program guide that was only available prior to Tuesday to iPad users. The app can be upgraded for free for those who have already downloaded it; otherwise it is $29.99 to download for the first time.