MISFITS Series 2 Episode 6 Review

MISFITS Season 2 Episode 6

MISFITS Series 2 Episode 6 – Six episodes down and Misfits is over…well, until the Christmas special on Sunday, which seems to be sort of a cheating way to get seven episodes. The Asbo Five finished their community service, but thanks to Milk Boy, Nathan’s big mouth and greedy parole officer eavesdropping, their superpowers are out in the public.

I’ve loved every episode of Misfits so far, but this episode, to put it bluntly, fell flat. Milk Boy (or whatever his name was) tried to toe the line between a hilarious parody and a disgusting villain, but most of his onscreen time was quite dull. The major problem was that with Curtis’ ability to turn back the time, there was never a sense that the Asbo Five were in any real danger. This is the risk with having a power like Curtis’, but when executed well, the safety net of his power can be easily forgotten: in the episode when the main five were strung up on meat hooks by the video game killer, for example, there was a sense of danger pulsating through every scene. Granted, Curtis did not use his powers then, but there was no reason to believe he wouldn’t.

The opening musical montage of Milk Boy’s journey before and after the storm was funny in a sort of Pushing Daisies morbidly quirky way. It was exciting, irreverent and bonkers. Unfortunately the rest of the episode could not match this segment.

Who was the woman doing all of the PR for the superheroes? Who did she work for? Why and how did they help those struck by lightning? None of these questions were answered. Instead we got various scenes of people dying by over-lactating and hyper cheese blockage. The death scenes were totally lame.

Even the characters became irritating. Nathan’s molestation of the potential healer of the world was almost as unfunnny as the forced gore whore satire of his prime time suicide. And does Kelly use her power at all? You would have thought that if she could hear Nathan’s thoughts six feet underground, through wood, that she would have been able to hear Milk Boy’s through the ceiling.

For several episodes Alisha has been my least favorite character, but after rewatching episode 5 and watching this episode, I have to completely reverse my judgement. It’s true that in the first season she was given almost nothing to work with. This year she has finally solidified her role in the Asbo Five, her character becoming just as rounded, likable and interesting as the others.

I have been quite negative about this episode, but I feel that the overall tone of my review is true. I wasn’t a fan of this epsiode. The one part I especially loved was where Kelly’s ghost confronted Nathan: it was one of those moments which captures Misfits perfectly. I don’t watch the show to see Nathan bounce off a couple of one liners about scoring a bunch of girls. I watch it to see Nathan react to Kelly’s death; to see Simon discover the identity of the masked guy. The humor is what attracted me to Misfits, but the characters are the reasons I keep coming back. This episode tried too hard to be funny and somehow lost its cruel, Asbo, desensitized heart.

It’s a pity that the series finale couldn’t have been as explosive as the first series, but at least we’ll have the Christmas special to look forward to.

What did you think of this episode, and of the series as a whole? Sound off in the comments below!

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