Virginia Madsen Joins THE EVENT

Virginia Madsen

It looks like THE EVENT may be heading back north in the second half of its freshman season. Actress Virginia Madsen has been cast as Catherine Lewis, a senator’s wife who takes on his position after his death.

An actress for nearly thirty years, Madsen is probably best known for roles in popular 80s movies such as Fire with Fire and TV series Moonlighting, as well as appearances in cult flicks Dune and Candyman. Her career caught its second wind with the 2004 movie Sideways. She recently starred in the now-cancelled ABC series Scoundrels.

Madsen’s official site describes The Event‘s Catherine Lewis as “[a] former powerhouse attorney” and says she’s “determined to carry out her husband’s legacy at any cost”. Given the revelation about Michael Buchanan and Madeline Jackson’s investigation into Inostranka, could Catherine be the character to finally unite Sean and Leila with the political plotline?

The Event returns for a 2-hour catch-up episode on 28 Feb 2011, with a brand new episode following a week later.

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