PSYCH “Dead Bear Walking” Review

PSYCH (USA) Dead Bear Walking

PSYCH “Dead Bear Walking” Season 5 Episode 15 – A polar bear accused of murder? Now where else are you going to see such hard-hitting stories like that except on this show? Shawn and a rather reluctant Gus (at least at first) try to figure out what really happened before the bear can be put down, all while Lassie’s sister follows everyone around filming it for a documentary. No one believes at first that Lauren is actually related to Lassie, probably because she’s nice and sweet and he’s. well.. not.

Overall I liked this episode but not nearly as much as the one that came on right before it. I did enjoy how Shawn went out of his way to make Lassie look good in front of his sister after Lauren confessed she didn’t see him the same way she used to when she was a kid. Once again Lassie had no clue he was being helped and took all the credit for completely solving the case himself.

My favorite bits…

Lassie referring to his sister as a “happy accident”.

Lauren clarifying that she would NOT be filming Lassie while he slept.

Shawn saying that he followed the exotic birds from the zoo on Twitter and they were actually tweeting.

Shawn telling Lauren that her video camera would kill his partner, Radio Star. LOL.

Agreeing with Shawn that Gus was kinda being a little creepy.

The wild dance Shawn did with his umbrella when he had his “vision”.

Lauren saying that, according to Lassie, their M. O. is to “come up with something ridiculous and hope for the best”. Yep, that sounds about right.

Shawn saying that Gus liked to be swaddled and burped when he got out of the shower. Okay there’s an image I’m not getting out of my head any time soon.

Groaning when Juliette made the Klondike bar joke.

Gus getting into a staring contest with the lemur.

Cracking up when Lassie used the term “hard target search” like he was Tommy Lee Jones or something.

Gus referring to Goldilocks as a “crazy blonde shorty”.

Shawn calling himself “filthy good”.

Shawn asking for the beef dip in a vegetarian restaurant. I know it’s wrong, but I thought that was pretty damn funny.

Gus pouring himself a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles. Yum!

Gus coming face to face with the bear.

Shawn reassuring Gus that they were in good hands because McCloud had a signed Dan Haggerty pic (aka tv’s “Grizzly Adams”).

Gus diving out the window when he saw that the electric fence was a fake.

Shawn asking the neighbor if he’d seen another couple guys who looked like them because they’d lost track of their chicken fight opponents. LOL.

All of Juliette’s reasons for knowing without a doubt that Shawn had the bear.

Gus baby-talking to the bear.

Shawn telling the guard he was there to see his “client”.

Shawn calling himself the “cream in a crying sandwich”.

Thinking “OMG it’s Alex P. Keaton’s dad!” when Mr. Blair walked in the room.

The scathing look Lassie gave Gus after he hugged his sister.

Finding out that Gus’ stripper stage name is “Original G-String”.

Lassie asking Gus if he was sniffing his sister.

Shawn telling Lassie they had his box of toys and asking if he wanted to pin the murder on a stapler.

The whisper fight between Shaw and Gus.

Gus seeing Lassiter in his mind, asking if he was dating anyone, when he put his arm around Lauren. LOL!

Agreeing with Shawn that Lassie does have his own certain kind of charm.

All the “interviews” at the end.

Timothy busting up every time he tried to get through the line “are you dating anyone?” in the Psych-Outs.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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