Freebox 6: The Coolest TV DVR…Ever


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one set-top box that could dominate the fledgling internet TV industry? Just imagine, a box that combined Blu-Ray, web-browsing, downloads, HD programming, and telephone service all in one package.

Well, meet the Freebox 6, the greatest set-top box you’ll never be able to have. The Freebox 6, known as “Revolution,” is the brain child of French billionaire Xavier Niel and his French ISP firm Free. Revolution can do all the above mentioned tasks and more and comes from the brilliant minds at Free, France’s largest independent ISP and one of Europe’s largest internet firms.

Freebox releases are met with great anticipation in France each time a new design rolls out, and Niel and company revel in the idea of taking on the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and others in the video game, Blu-Ray, and HD television service industries. If this excites you as much as it should, cool your jets because the units are not for sale in the United States. I know, bummer!