THE GOOD WIFE “Nine Hours” Review

The Good Wife (CBS)

THE GOOD WIFE “Nine Hours” Season 2 Episode 9 – It has been far too long since the last episode of The Good Wife aired. This episode saw Alicia and the team of Lockhart & Gardner fight to stay an execution of a man who has been on death row for a decade. Now they have nine hours to save him or he gets the needle.

It was probably the most plot driven episode of the second series so far, but even with that there were plenty of character developments and wonderful moments thrown into the mix of the tense legal struggle.

After the Golden Globes nominations, Chris Noth kindly reminded any nay-sayers why he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor (by the way, how ridiculously narrow are those Supporting Actor/Actress categories for television?) for his role as Peter Florrick with his brilliantly straightforward answer on the televised debate: “My marriage is none of you f*!#ing business!”

Grace meanwhile is getting quite religious. I quite like her strangely religious friend Shannon; her sincerity is quite affecting. Zach’s longing looks in Kalinda’s direction were quite funny.

After some questioning by Alicia, Kalinda let dribble some more information about her past and let Alicia in on her tangled relationship with Blake. When I say dribble, I mean excrutiatingly puny gems of personal knowledge which is one of the reasons she is one of the most interesting characters.

There was also a Will and Alicia moment, both when Alicia wanted to have a personal tete a tete, and also the sex dream at the beginning of the episode.

The way in which the episode was tied up was quite uplifting in an uncontrived sort of way; a way few shows but The Good Wife could manage.

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