PSYCH “The Polarizing Express” Review

PSYCH (USA) The Polarizing Express

PSYCH “The Polarizing Express” Season 5 Episode 14 – We know Psych can make us laugh, there’s no question about that. It’s rarer though when it can make me tear up, which is probably why I feel like I look forward to those moments more than the giggles. The end of this episode was one of those moments – Shawn coming back after making sure his dad got his job back and covering him up with a blanket. Those were two simple little things – one of which Henry will probably never know about – but both showing how much Shawn really does care about his dad, despite their problems. Just like Henry working for the SBPD is his way of showing how much he cares about Shawn, without saying the words.

It’s funny to me that two of my favorite characters were battling their inner children and learning how to become more mature this week. First it was Tony in last night’s episode of NCIS and tonight it was Shawn’s turn. Shawn’s trip into his own head was funny and wacky but underneath all that was his journey towards realizing what it means to grow up and take more responsibility not only for his life, but for what he means to the people he cares about. Just like with Tony, I do not want the kid in Shawn to go away, but a balance between the boy inside and man outside is a very good thing.

My favorite bits…

Shawn asking Gus if he always had a ducktail.

Lassie naming Powers Booth as his imaginary detective self.

Henry not being able to get the message that he was fired.

Whimpering a little in sympathy for Shawn when Henry said he sometimes wondered what it would have been like if Shawn had never come back to Santa Barbara. Eep.

Loving the holiday version of the theme song.

Shawn waking up to snow in the office and a brown snowman sitting at Gus’ desk.

Shawn and his super ego telling each other to “suck it!”. LOL.

Being more than a little grossed out at the site of Henry on that couch.

Dream Gus’ life playing out like a sitcom and his signature “Whhhaaaaaaat” when he opended the door.

Shawn’s dream version of the chief and Lassie kinda scaring me a little.

The fact that the only two people in the police car screaming like little girls were Shawn and Juliette’s partner.

Cracking up at this bit:
Little Shawn: “Hey, don’t give in to him you sell-out.”
Big Shawn: “Where the hell did you come from?”
Little Shawn: “Your butt”

Agreeing with Shawn in that I too will miss Brown Snowman Gus most of all.

Shawn mixing up the words ‘catheter’ and ‘catharsis”.

Shawn’s heartfelt, serious plea to Gus for help.

Shawn having to pause to tell himself that he could not squeeze Gus’ sweet, sweet head.

Gus’ “hee, hee” when Shawn said he’d started taking a good look at the man in the mirror.

Lassie saying that the animosity between him and Shawn was freaking him out.

Lassie actually saying the words “Good job, Spencer”. Wait, is Shawn still dreaming?

Shawn’s super ego pointing out that maybe his dad was still protecting him and liked working with him in the process. Aw.

The little bit of serious Shawn we got when he was talking to Juan in the interrogation room.

Lassie’s unfinished threat to Juan . “I swear, if I lose one of my people..”.

Shawn coming to the realization, after 30 years, that Jiminy Cricket might actually be.. a cricket.

Shawn, Gus and even Lassie, all begging for the help from the people in the neighborhood.

All the people coming forward to say that they would testify against Czarsky.

Lassie thinking of a night doing paperwork on an arrest as his “best Christmas ever”.

Finding out that Gus diffused a bomb using texted instructions from Shawn. Wow! Way to go, Gus!

Shawn’s relief when the chief said his dad could have his job back, too. Awwww.

Shawn putting the blanket over his dad. And again, I say.. Awwwwwww.

Wondering what was on the card that Shawn read and who it was for.. Santa?

Deciding that I’m going to be downloading that Curt Smith song. Yes it will probably make me cry but it’s totally worth it.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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