Comcast to Test Internet-Cable Combo Device


The nation's largest cable provider, Comcast Corp, is testing a new device designed to fight back against new competitors in the television industry. The move by Comcast is meant to beat back competition from the likes of Apple TV, Google TV, and Hulu Plus.

The new device is being tested in Augusta, Georgia and reportedly consists of a set-top box that combines internet features with those of a DVR. Users do not have the freedom to search the web unrestricted, but do have some basic social networking abilities at their fingertips. The set-top box does allow users to search through web videos as well as on-demand and live television.

This is Comcast's first effort to combat the intense challenge being posed by internet, set-top boxes such as the Roku, Boxee Box, and others. The initial testing region is small, but it shows that Comcast does have a fear of the threat posed by internet based competitors.