British PS3 Users Will Have ITV and Channel 4 On Demand

Playstation 3

Proving once again that gaming consoles are about much more than gaming and that television and the internet are becoming increasingly entwined, The Guardian reports that ITV and Channel 4 in Great Britain will be available on Sony PlayStation 3s that have an active broadband internet connection.

The ITV Player and Channel 4’s 4oD service will allow PlayStation users to watch missed episodes of shows like Coronation Street or The Inbetweeners on demand from their consoles once the episodes have aired on standard terrestrial television. Programs will be available for streaming for up to 30 days after that initial airing. Both the ITV Player and Channel 4’s 4oD will be free since they will be fully ad-supported.

ITV had previously rejected deals with both You Tube and Hulu, which had been looking to expand from the USA into the UK, and had only made its catch-up content available on Virgin Media and BT Vision. It will soon also be available on Freesat. The ITV player and the 4oD are following in the footsteps of the BBC’s iPlayer, which has been available on the PS3 since last year.

Sony estimates that 80% of the owners of the four million PS3s in Great Britain are connected to its broadband-enabled service which provides access to catch-up TV and on demand content, so this is a big deal for Sony.