Newcomer Snapstick Hoping to Challenge Apple TV and Google TV


Another week has begun, and with it has come another competitor in the future of television. Startup company Snapstick is hoping to pose a serious challenge to the likes of Apple TV and Google TV with their new idea for Internet TV.

Snapstick’s new setup provides television viewers yet another option in the world of Internet TV. Their system is designed similarly to other set-top boxes like a Roku, but has its own twist. Users can “flick” what they are viewing on an iPhone or Android phone at their TV, and the hardware connected to the television picks up the signal and displays it on the big screen.

The iPhone or Android phone is not necessary in the equation, but a high speed connection and some device for controlling your television are. Android phones, iPhones, and laptops are all possible “remote controls” for the new setup. Snapstick’s new product is not available in retail locations yet, so further details are hard to come by.