NCIS “False Witness” Review

NCIS (CBS) False Witness

NCIS “False Witness” Season 8 Episode 10 – I’m pretty sure there was a case happening in this episode but frankly all I really cared about was what was going on with Tony. Now, I gotta say that I hate it when Tony is dumbed-down too much, and I usually enjoy it when he gets the chance to be a bit more competent, but even I knew that this was going too far. It was interesting to notice how quickly his teammates grew tired of him not acting like an idiot, even when they’re the ones who complain about his behavior all the time.

Finding out that Tony was upset because his ex-girlfriend had wrapped her car around a tree, was so touching. Like Ziva said, he’s maturing and I think he didn’t quite know what to do with the feelings that the news of his girlfriend’s situation brought out in him. So he completely shut down and though it took a while, everyone finally noticed. Ziva’s speech was great and I hope that he does continue to grow up, as she put it. A class clown who’s also a great investigator is not too much to ask for and I think he does it very well, when he’s not being the butt of every joke.

Overall a very sweet episode and I thought the whole theme of it went well with the holiday season.

My favorite bits..

Totally creeping out at the idea of someone breaking into my place without me knowing it and then giving me a video of them doing it. Eek.

McGee describing his wacky dream to Ziva.

McGee trying to come up with an appropriate Tony-ism for the turkey in the fridge and failing miserably.

My eyebrows shooting up practically over my head when Tony turned down the pretty deputy DA’s offer.

Cracking up at Gibbs’ very succinct description of Facebook and loving the idea of Ducky being up there.

Palmer gobbling at the turkey.

Abby not only doing the Turkey Trot but asking Gibbs if he’d like to join in.

Abby asking Gibbs if he was there to “talk turkey”. LOL!

Finding out there’s a turkey DNA database. Wait. What??

Gibbs giving McGee a folder headslap.

This bit:
Abby: “I’ve had problems with visitors. So he was just being over-protective.”
Jerry: “Of what? Your butt? He couldn’t stop checking it out when your back was turned.”

Thinking that this Jerry guy had some interesting points.

Gibbs asking Tony if he was feeling okay. I love that Ziva and McGee notice something is up but wonder what his “angle” is, but Gibbs is actually the first one to ask him if he’s okay. No, he didn’t get the whole story at that point, but at least he asked.

Gibbs’ affronted “Hey!” when Jerry said he reminded him of another sad and lonely guy.

The way Gibbs said “no” when Ziva asked if she should go after the DA. It was kinda like “ne-uh”.

So happy to see Abby’s Christmas skull on another shirt. I totally want one of those!

Cracking up at Ducky’s response to getting the “rather provocative” messages on Facebook. LOL.

McGee and Ziva discussing the fact that they were worried about Tony but not sure how to ask him why he wasn’t acting like a big kid anymore.

Tony getting pissed at Ziva and saying that he couldn’t be responsible for everyone’s feelings.

Ziva telling Tony that yes he needed to find balance, but he also needed to be him.. and Tony asking who that was. Oh man, that broke me.

Ziva telling Tony that he was the class clown and that’s why they loved him. Aw.

McGee trying to talk to Tony, too, before he knew that Ziva had already done it. Another aw.

Amazement at the fact that it was the killer himself who talked the kid out of shooting him.

Cracking up at Jerry bringing Palmer to tears.

Ziva pulling her gun out when the whole squadroom exploded with confetti and lights.

Tony and Jerry’s thumbs up to each other.

Tony asking if it was too much. LOL.

The final holiday message to all those protecting our country, at home and abroad. Very cool.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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