CBS CEO Won’t Give it Up to Google TV for Free

Les Moonves

The CEO of network giant CBS, Les Moonves, has told Google executives that if they want his network on their new Google TV they will have to pay up to get it. Moonves made his remarks during a recent interview at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.

Moonves stated that he finds Google TV to be interesting and thinks its future could be a good one. However, Moonves isn’t rushing to jump on board the program, let alone for free. Moonves isn’t the only network CEO to have spurned the advances of Google. His counterparts at NBC, ABC, and Fox have also said no to Google and blocked their networks from being viewed on Google TV in any manner, including via websites and Hulu.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has accused the network leaders of having their heads in the sand, but the network CEOs are fearful of damaging relations with affiliate stations and cable providers around the country.