ACCUSED (BBC) “Kenny’s Story” Review

Marc Warren

ACCUSED “Kenny’s Story” Episode 5 [UK] – This week is KENNY’S STORY in Jimmy McGovern’s excellent series which looks at a crime from the perspective of the criminal awaiting sentencing.

Standing ACCUSED are three friends turned vigilantes who beat a man to death in the park believing he has attacked Kenny’s young daughter. Having murdered an innocent man they scramble to cover their tracks.

Kenny’s Story asks the question “what would you have done?” When his daughter is the victim of an attack he defends his family and his honour by hunting down the apparent attacker. The scene of the attack was brutal as Kenny brakes his arm with the first punch as his friend Gordon takes over in a frenzied attack stamping on the skull of the innocent jogger.

Struggling to cope with the guilt and pursued by the Police Kenny makes the tough decision to admit their crime – the other to deny it and Kenny goes down for life.

The strength in each story is the depth and quality of the cast. Here Marc Warren (Kenny) is brilliant as the guilt ridden father but it is Brian McCardie as the terrifying detective who stands out. With piercing blue eyes and gruff Scottish accent he makes Gene Hunt look soft.

My only gripe with Accused is the convenient way everything plays out. The family of Kenny’s victim sitting in the same hospital waiting room – having the funeral service at his work and how the Police seem happy to throw the book at Kenny and let the other two off scot-free simply because they had a confession.

Kenny’s Story is about the pressure put upon a father to take the law into his own hands. It’s ending is slightly convenient and a touch implausible but serves to heap on the irony of a man condemned by his family values. With strong character driven stories this series has been a breath of fresh air – quality productions in a sea of reality TV.

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