THE X FACTOR 2010 “The Finals, Results” Review

X Factor Results Show 10

THE X FACTOR 2010 “The Final Results” – Ice ages have come and gone, earthquakes have divided the earth, Wagner has beat his last drum, and The X Factor Final has finally started. Granted, thanks to the tabloids’ whinging, the most interesting contestants have been kicked out and we’re left with One Direction, Matt and Rebecca. Shall we see which one gets their single three and a half minutes of Christma fame followed by a career flipping on rural town Christmas lights?

They’re out singing a bland Take That song, with Take That. Some random children show up. Then the song is over and its time for a montage. I’ll miss these montages.

In an attempt to get the public to vote for him, Matt is singing Katy Perry’s song Fireworks. Well, he’s sort of squealing it. In lemon pants. She had actual fireworks. He has dancers in blue pyjamas. He’s given a standing O. Better than his performance, as always, is Stacey’s interview with his supporters. I love Stacey.

One Direction sing Torn. I cannot imagine why. It’s not like the artist who first sang the song ever appeared on the show. Anyhow, they’re doing their best back slaps and hugs to ensure the viewers they’re the best of mates. Simon stands up.

Cheryl introduces Rebecca, who is singing Sweet Dreams. She sings the first note, and I want her to win. Well, until it becomes a dance tune. Oh god, its like a night at one of those German S&M clubs on Alias. Quick! Someone save Rebecca!

Another montage of bad auditions. Then the bad auditionees actually appear on stage. Totally classy.

The two are: Matt (really?) and Rebecca (yay!) which means One Direction are out. You can just see the big inflatable pound in Simon’s head shrivelling.

So Matt and Rebecca are in the top two. I suppose they’re a better top two than Olly and Joe last year.

In a new twist the winner’s single is different for each contestant. Remember Olly singing The Climb? That’s why.

Matt sings Biffy Clyro’s Many of Horror. I love that song. And after tonight, I have to say, I love Biffy Clyro’s version even more. Over ten minutes was spent on his song.

Rebecca sings Distant Dreamer by Duffy, another song a I love. Her performance is excellent. Hopefully she’ll win. It is a far better performance.

Take That sing. Confetti falls.

The results are in!

The nation has voted for the last time and the winner of the X Factor 2010 is….


….longer pause….



….still pausing….


It’s Matt. Wow. That’s fine.

Rebecca is the runner up.

He sings Many of Horror. Again. Oh well. I suppose it’s nice that he’s won. He probably won’t be painting houses for a long time now, but he’s definitely wear that hat now that he’s out of the show.

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