THE CLOSER “High Crimes” Review

THE CLOSER "High Crimes"
THE CLOSER “High Crimes” Season 6 Episode 12 – “Major Crimes” was redefined on tonight’s episode of The Closer, as the new chief of police, Tommy Delk, assigned Brenda and her team to a string of armed robberies. Unfortunately, the medical marijuana shop holdups quickly escalated to murder, putting Major Crimes in familiar territory. Delk made it clear that he doesn’t approve of how Pope’s been running things, and that forced Brenda to finally figure out what she wants.

Given that tonight’s case involved pot, you just knew there were going to be some hilarious moments in this episode. First, we had Sanchez, Gabriel, and Tao undercover in “Kind Buds,” with Sanchez explaining the product: “The Razzmatazz flips you upside down and bends your mind with color. You know what I mean? But the Gypsy’s Dreams—it’s more like ‘I’m going to the supermarket but really I’m on an epic journey of self-discovery kind of ride.'” I especially loved their outfits and how Tao’s biker getup made him act all tough. And then we had the genius criminals who worked on “Cop Lawyer, MD,” which sounds like the worst show ever. Stunt man: “Uh, don’t treat me like an idiot. I worked on a law show for two years.” Tao: “Must not have been a very good one.” And how fitting was it that a case involving drugs ended with Brenda stranded up high?

Provenza was in rare form tonight and totally unimpressed with Chief Delk (Delk: Did you just say “hippies” and “Mary Jane?” Provenza: “Yes, I did.” Delk: “How old are you?” Provenza: “Six chiefs and counting.”). I thought he was going to get himself in deep trouble with some of his smartass comments, but the assignment as police liaison to the marijuana dispensaries was the perfect way to deal with him. And in the end, Provenza was right about the drug dealers being involved in the murder.

All season, Brenda has struggled with figuring out what she wants while everyone around her tells her what they think she should do. It seems like she made a breakthrough tonight and decided she just wants to stay where she is now. I think that makes sense because she doesn’t like change and she’s good at what she does—she’s The Closer. Fritz’s concern for Brenda and his hatred of Pope made him a little overbearing in this episode, so I liked when Brenda told him to back off because she’s happy where she is. I just hope it all works out the way she wants. Fritz did make a good point about the job potentially going to Commander Taylor.

So is Fritz right? Does Pope still have feelings for Brenda? Do you think Brenda made the right decision? Let me know in the comments.

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