Parminder Nagra and Robert Forster Join ALCATRAZ

Parminder Nagra and Robert Forster

Parminder Nagra (ER, Bend it Like Beckham) and Robert Forster (Heroes, Jackie Brown) have both been cast in the upcoming JJ Abrams FOX drama pilot ALCATRAZ.

Deadline reports that Nagra will join the show in a leading role as Lucy, a lab tech working for Emerson Hauser, the head of a government agency to be played by Sam Neill (Happy Town, Jurassic Park). Meanwhile, Forster will play Ray Archer, a retired detective who runs a cop bar.

Alcatraz follows the efforts of a police officer (the already cast Sarah Jones) and some FBI agents to learn what caused a group of prisoners and guards to disappear 30 years before and then suddenly reappear in the present.

It was previously announced that Jorge Garcia, Jonathan Coyne, and Jason Butler Harner had all won roles in the pilot.

Does this casting make you more interested in Alcatraz?