FAMILY GUY “Road To The North Pole” Review

FAMILY GUY Road to the North Pole (FOX)

FAMILY GUY Season 9 Episode 7 “Road To The North Pole” – Starting off with a wonderful title homage to the old technicolor Christmas cartoons (including the chipmunks and the fit to burst Santa bag), this Road To The… episode of Family Guy started off as Ron McFarlarne introduced the episode and narrated it which featured Stewie’s plan to kill Santa, who was rude to him at the mall.

After insulting a five year old girl with cancer, Brian and Stewie head to the North Pole to avoid lending her support at the hospital. It was one of the classic examples of ‘the line’ which Family Guy delights in leaping over. Call me an idiot for not ‘getting’ the humor, but yeah, I just didn’t get it. It just didn’t register as one of the more hilarious moments of Family Guy.

The opening musical moment as all of the characters of Quahog sang what they wanted for Christmas? Hilarious. Poster of Nick Jonas? Gold. David Boreanz appearing in the Aurora Borealis to guide Stewie and Brian to the North Pole? Moderatly amusing ode to an earlier Bones episode.

The human eating reindeer and and deformed elves and the toxic North Pole were strangely scary as they find out that Christmas time is killing Santa and his helpers.

Tempting the reindeer with elf flesh was a tad too far. The consumerism social commentary was more entertaining than actually meaningful. Budgeoning the father, wrecking the house, and beating the mother to death in front of her daughter before tying the child to the chair as they cleaned up her parents blood was not exactly humorous.

All in all it was a good episode, marred only by the incidents where Brian and Stewie just went too far. The ending was quite touching though.

What did you think of this episode? Did Family Guy go too far? Sound off in the comments below!

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