CSI: MIAMI “Blood Sugar” Review

CSI: MIAMI Blood Sugar

CSI: MIAMI “Blood Sugar” Season 9 Episode 9 – CSI: MIAMI opened with a montage of scenes showing us how sugar is processed, and I have to say – I was intrigued, and debated leaving my job to go work in a sugar factory… until the place blew up.

As a fan of numerous “crime” shows, I’ve seen a few episodes where a bomb is made from sugar and a few other ingredients, so (of course) I thought I had the entire episode figured out before the credits started.

I really need to stop attempting to guess the endings of CSI: Miami, since I’m pretty much NEVER right. A homemade bomb never made it into the storyline, instead the entire crime – explosion, dead body, etc. was an accident.

One question, though. Why were Erick and Horatio the first ones in the burning building before the fire department? I don’t know police protocol at all, but it seems to me that after an explosion, the fire department should clear the space before crime scene investigators start walking around inside of it? Maybe?

There wasn’t anything spectacular about “Blood Sugar”; if anything it was just an okay episode. Nothing overly exciting happened, except that once again, Horatio decides to take another woman under his wing… and this time it wasn’t even a case he was working!

I understand that Isabelle was directly related to Nina, the woman that WAS involved in H’s case, but to ask immigration to break their protocol? I don’t know if it’s because Horatio has been such a loose cannon the last few episodes, but EVERYTHING he does now makes me question him.

Not only that, but I watch CSI: Miami and whenever Horatio has to question a male suspect, victim, what have you, I find myself waiting for him to blow up. Or pull a gun on them. Or threaten their lives. While I think H’s character is a GREAT one – has been for nine years, and probably won’t ever change – something has to be done about his treatment of male… anything… that crosses his path.

So, “Blood Sugar” was good and what you would expect from CSI: Miami, but if you missed it – don’t be too disappointed. What did you guys think of “Blood Sugar”? Am I being too hard on Miami? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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