Syfy Sets MERLIN Season 3 Premiere Date

Merlin (BBC One) Season 3

Okay, American MERLIN fans, the magic is back! Merlin returns for a third season on Syfy beginning Friday, January 7, at 10pm eastern/9pm central, immediately following tag team partner WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Season three sees the young wizard Merlin (Colin Morgan) in increasingly dangerous and dark battles in his secret quest to protect Prince Arthur (Bradley James) in the fabled kingdom of Camelot, where magic is forbidden by King Uther (Anthony Head). They rejoin Katie McGrath, who portrays the mesmerizing Morgana (who has a dark destiny of her own), Angel Coulby as her loyal maid Gwen, and Richard Wilson as wise Court physician Gaius. The new season finds Camelot’s heroes pushed to their limits as the kingdom is thrown into turmoil by the return of Morgana from a year’s absence.

A host of new guest stars joins the regular cast to enthrall audiences over Merlin‘s thirteen week run. Harry Melling (‘The Harry Potter Series’) portrays Gilli, Warwick Davis (‘The Harry Potter Series,’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’) will play Grettir, Miriam Margoyles (‘The Harry Potter Series’, ‘Being Julia’) will play Grunhilda, and Mark Williams (‘The Harry Potter Series,’ The Fast Show) is the voice of a mischievous Goblin. Guest stars from the previous season such as Emilia Fox (‘The Pianist,’ ‘Ballet Shoes’) who plays Morgause, and Santiago Cabrera (Heroes, ‘Che’), who plays Lancelot, will also be returning, while legendary actor John Hurt once again provides the voice of the Great Dragon.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! Anyone else excited?

Merlin will air on Syfy Fridays at 10pm eastern/9pm central beginning January 7.

  • Wayne Hurlburt

    This season is definitely going to be the best season yet, especially the final episodes :). You’ll definitely love them.

    I have seen them already and won’t mind watching them again! Great new action and characters, as well.

  • Anon

    Will Syfy be posting Season 3 online?

  • Rafeeq Burton

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank the Gods!!! i love merlin and i need it. I feel in love with the folklore way back when and i think they depict the story quite well. i love these inbetween episodes cus it really lets you get to know the characters and how u thought they lived if u knew them. I jus can’t wait till Merlin gets more advanced in his magic and have more magic based fights. Seein Aruthur and the knights is ok but i wanna see Merlin go at it with Mordrid or Morgana. Love this show

  • Joyce

    Merlin was scheduled to have an episode on 1/28/11. I taped it but it was Being Human. I’m not sure I like Being Human yet but what happened to Merlin. I love this show.

  • San

    Love. love Merlin..