GLEE “A Very Glee Christmas” Review

GLEE "A Very Glee Christmas"
GLEE “A Very Glee Christmas” Season 2 Episode 10 – New Directions got in the Christmas spirit on tonight’s episode of Glee, despite Sue’s efforts to steal it away. This episode gets major points for making me laugh and actually touching my Grinchy heart. And, sometimes, don’t you wish you were as blissfully naïve as Brittany?

You’re a mean one, Sue the Grinch. After her stint as principal and the way she handled Kurt’s bullying situation, I thought maybe Sue was going to be a little nicer, but no, her heart really is two sizes too small. Honestly though, Sue was the perfect Grinch, Becky was cute as her reindog, and Brittany was a natural Cindy Lou Who. All they needed was a narrator and their tribute to How the Grinch Stole Christmas would have been complete. And, much like the Grinch, Sue redeemed herself in the end by doing something nice for Will. Awww.

I think tonight’s episode was highly anticipated because many of us have been listening to the music since the Glee Christmas album was released in November. They performed many of the songs on the CD, including “The Most Wonderful Day of the Year,” “We Need a Little Christmas,” “Merry Christmas Darling,” “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” (sung by kd lang), and “Last Christmas.” The pleasant surprise was New Directions doing the “Welcome, Christmas” song sung by the Whos in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

So what was your favorite song? I absolutely loved Kurt and Blaine’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (it’s my favorite version of this song since Zooey Deschanel sang it in Elf). After the song, Kurt even confessed his crush on Blaine to Mr. Schue. It looks like there will be some romance for Kurt in the New Year, which is good since the romance is officially over for Rachel and Finn.

Some random observations:
Artie walking at the end was very Tiny Tim.
That was a nice reveal that Coach Beiste was behind Artie’s gift.
I loved Schue’s gift list for Sue: “Robot Dog, a soul…”
Sam asking Santa for “Chapstick. Lots of chapstick.”

Favorite quotes:
Brittany: “Last year, I left my stocking up Christmas vacation, and an entire family of mice started living in it. Their Christmas gift to each other was rabies.”

Brittany: “I don’t understand the difference between an elf and a slave.”

Sue: “I thought you might want to put us all out of our misery and shave off that Chia pet.”

So, Gleeks, that’s our last new episode until after the Superbowl in February. Did it live up to your expectations? What are your predictions for the second half of the season? Let me know in the comments.

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