WAREHOUSE 13 “Secret Santa” ADVANCE REVIEW Season 2 Episode 13 – We found a special surprise under the Daemon’s TV Christmas tree, an advance copy of WAREHOUSE 13’s holiday episode, “Secret Santa”. This year, SyFy is airing special stand-alone holiday themed episodes of Warehouse 13 and Eureka. Thanks to our friends at SyFy for the early holiday gift.

In “Secret Santa”, Myka and Pete’s holiday plans are cut short when an artifact-wielding Santa Claus attacks a businessman. The agents begin to wonder if Santa is real as the attacks become more and more brazen. Meanwhile, Claudia’s attempts to spread some holiday cheer meet a Scrooge in the form of Artie. To try to get him out of his funk, Claudia tracks down Artie’s estranged father (Special Guest Judd Hirsch) and sets up a reunion as a surprise for Artie (who doesn’t like surprises).

This was a fun episode to watch, as Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly do a great job bringing that feel of “what if” to Pete and Myka when they first see Santa. Judd Hirsch was phenomenal as Artie’s father; you get a real sense of where Artie gets some of his curmudgeonly ways. When you watch the episode, make sure you keep an eye out for some cool holiday themed easter eggs in the opening and the transition shots to commercials.

Warehouse 13’s “Secret Santa” is part of a SyFy holiday doubleheader, airing December 7, 2010 at 10PM/9c on SyFy.