GOSSIP GIRL “The Townie” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “the Townie” Season 4 Episode 11 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? Lily has been good for so long I forgot what an evil beeotch she can be. I think she managed to burn every bridge she has tonight, it’s like she’s the new Jenny! Before we talk more about Lily let’s first talk a little about the other characters:

Serena: I thought the flashbacks of Serena were interesting. I’ve been on an anti-serena kick for a long time but tonight’s episode changed things. I think it will be good for her to go face her problems alone and not bring along Dan. She normally drags along a man with her to sort things out and I think that her choosing to go away by herself shows some development. I hope she’s able to get Ben out of jail and clear his name.

Chuck: I always said that Lily was the one and only stable female character Chuck has (aside from Blair) in his life. She’s been like a mother to him, I was shocked that she planned to sell the company behind his back. The fact that Chuck is going to Jack for help speaks volumes. I think the two of them are more than a match for Lily. What do you think?

Blair and Dan: The relationship between these two is so complicated. It’s like why don’t they just give in and be friends? Can you imagine them ever dating? I don’t think that would ever happen but I can see them becoming friends. What do you think?

Nate: Do you think we can trust Nate’s dad? I feel bad for Nate that lately he’s been having to take care of everyone.

Juliet: Okay, so we finally find out the whole story with Juliet and Ben. Was Juliet out of line for what she did to Serena? Yes, but at least now we can see where she’s coming from. She’s not the villian I thought she was, the real bad person in all of this is Lily.

Rufus: If I was Rufus I’d be filing for divorce. It looked as though he was seeing Lily for the first time tonight. I hope he leaves her, he’s so kind and honest, he could do better in my opinion!

Lily: Selling Bass Industries, forging court documents, is there anything that Lily Bass isn’t capable of? She has now alienated herself from everyone. She ruined an innocent man’s reputation and sent him to jail all so her daughter could get into a good school. I just hope Serena is able to get Ben out of jail. Lily, I smell a take-down coming with your name on it!

Twist: The biggest shock to me tonight was that Ben and Juliet actually seem like decent enough people, it’s Lily Bass that turned out to be the bad guy. I really didn’t see any of this coming. I was actually pleased how Lily and Rufus seemed to be above all the drama this year. To Lily’s credit it did seem like she thought there was something going on between Ben and Serena at the time she filed charges, but still that is not excuse for what she did. I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here. I’m bummed that we have to wait until 2011 to see more. Until then…xoxo!

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