EUREKA “O’ Little Town” ADVANCE REVIEW Season 4 Episode 10 – We found a special surprise under the Daemon’s TV Christmas tree, an advance copy of EUREKA’s holiday episode, “O’ Little Town”. This year, SyFy is airing special stand-alone Holiday themed episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13. Thanks to our friends at SyFy for the early holiday gift.

Sheriff Carter and Zoe’s plans to head home for the holidays are interrupted at the Eureka border when the town’s electromagnetic field is on the fritz. Things begin to heat up as Fargo hosts Global Dynamic’s Holiday Party, and everyone is trying to find out the identity of Eureka’s secret Santa. The town is soon caught up in a dangerous situation and find themselves short handed, until a red suited man and a mysterious Dr. Drummer (Special Guest Chris Parnell) arrive.

I loved this episode for so many reasons. The story was a good blend of sci-fi and holiday cuteness, without being predictable. There are some great funny scenes involving Colin Ferguson, who looked to have a fun time filming this episode. One aspect that was really surprising was the great holiday music playing throughout the episode, it really got me into the mood and kept me bopping throughout it. I hope SyFy and the Eureka team decide to make this an annual event because it would become part of my must-see holiday viewing.

Eureka’s “O’ Little Town” is part of a SyFy holiday doubleheader, airing December 7, 2010 at 9PM/8c on SyFy.