THE WALKING DEAD “TS-19” Season 1 Episode 6 – THE WALKING DEAD continues to blow my mind. I cannot express my sadness that this was the season finale and that the show will not be back until October of 2011.

“TS-19” was just as great as all the previous episodes of the series. When I watch The Walking Dead, I forget that I’m not watching a movie, and am ALWAYS disappointed when the credits roll.

We were left last week with Rick and company being let into the CDC (truth be told, the white light shining from the door looked like an entrance to heaven, but I digress). The finale picks up in this exact spot, with everyone rushing to get inside before the unknown person decides to shut the doors.

Once settled, the survivors are treated to wine, food, beds, and even hot water. Seeing everyone’s faces at the thought of a hot shower was something that struck me. While I like to think I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse (Shut up, it could happen!!) the hot water thing never really occurs to me. To see something that we take for granted every day treated as a luxury was eye opening.

I really, REALLY enjoyed the opening flashback scene with Shane in the hospital attempting to get Rick out. It was nice to see that he really hadn’t lied to Lori about Rick being dead. He had honestly thought he was, and by the looks of it, leaving him there was NOT an easy thing for him to do.

What was up with the military shooting the hospital staff?? I understand that it was a panic filled, high stress situation, but to just open fire on innocent people? That was hard for me to watch.

Shane needed to be shown in a positive light to gain some sympathy (at least from me), which I think made the scene with him and Lori in the rec room all the more difficult to watch.

I understand the guy feels responsible for Lori and Carl, and is absolutely right if he had told her that Rick was alive, the three of them would probably be dead, but to attack her? I don’t care how much he had to drink, he needed to get control FAST.

I think the reason I love The Walking Dead (aside from the show just being awesome) is the way that it shows real people, from all walks of life, dealing with a life or death situation; and they all have to learn to co-exist.

The friendship between Andrea and Dale is amazing writing. When he sat in that chair across from her, ready to die right along with her… that was some GOOD writing. I don’t find it hard to believe at all that you would become attached to a stranger in that situation to the point of wanting to say with them no matter what. I’m REALLY happy that they got out of the building when they did, I’m not sure how long the RV would last without Dale.

There were a lot of great lines that really made me pause and think in this episode.

When Dr. Jenner was showing everyone the test subject and explained that the lights were “the part that makes you – you” and the effect that the virus had on the “you” portion of the brain was getting into some deep theology… which was punctuated by Jacqui asking if the virus was “the wrath of God”.

I could go on for PAGES about the theology theories that I have with this series, but I’ll spare you.

Dr. Jenner also had a fantastic piece of dialogue that coincided perfectly with the finale: “We always think there’s more time. Then it runs out.”

Suffice to say that nothing has ever been truer for Rick and his people than that statement. I found myself almost off of my couch in anticipation wondering how they were going to break through the glass windows. And sighed audibly in relief when Carol pulled the grenade out of her purse.

Like I said at the beginning of this review – I forget that I’m watching a TV show when I watch The Walking Dead – and seeing the creative team BLOW UP THE CDC was an epic piece of television and one that I’m going to have to watch again.

I cannot believe the season is over and that we have to wait almost a full year before we find out what Dr. Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear (speculations? Let me know!), before we find out where the survivors are headed, and just for another weekly zombie movie!

I feel that a thanks to AMC is needed that they decided to air this brilliant show is in order, there really isn’t anything like The Walking Dead on TV anywhere (and it surpasses a lot of zombie movies, too… and I have seen A LOT of zombie movies), and I myself cannot WAIT for season 2.

What did you think of the finale of The Walking Dead? What did Jenner say to Rick? Where are the survivors headed? What caused the virus? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and we have 10 months to kill so let’s start discussing!

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