BLUE BLOODS “After Hours” Review

Blue Bloods

BLUE BLOODS “After Hours” Season 1 Episode 10 – Danny is tempted by his old life, the one where he was a cool bouncer for a club and had the nightlife to go with it. The trouble is, now he’s a married man with two kids and I for one couldn’t believe he even went so far as to dance with club owner Sabrina. In the end I was very happy to see that he stayed loyal, not that I thought he would really cheat but it did seem like he was being tempted, which made me nervous for him.

Then there was Frank trying to decide whether or not to give his old partner a promotion and whether or not to base that decision on Jimmy’s home life. Frank’s gut must be pretty good because he spotted that something was off with his old friend, even before being told that Jimmy had been cooking the books. I like how he handled it all, keeping it very quiet but still doing the right thing.

Overall I liked this episode, but I’m still banging my head against the wall over the Blue Tempar storyline. I hate to be crude but I’d love it if they would just crap or get off the pot already. I actually got really excited for a minute there when Jamie had a quiet moment with his dad and told him about the engagement. I hoped he would talk to Frank about the Templars too, but no such luck. I swear I’m going to start fast forwarding my DVR through the Templar scenes if something doesn’t actually happen with it soon.

It’s either that or start throwing things at my tv in frustration. 😉

My favorite bits..

Danny’s youngest managing to smack him in the face before he could get his guard up. Nice.

Danny singing along to the radio in the car and his joy at running around the “real” New York.

This line from Jackie: “Lady, I take out my handcuffs, I ain’t playing.” LOL!

Frank telling Linda that she was his daughter too. So sweet.

Jackie asking Danny if he was chasing the case or chasing a skirt. Valid question.

Danny knowing exactly why his dad was calling him just by the pitch of his voice.

Linda and Sabrina sharing a look at the precinct.

This line from Frank: “Funny thing about decisions, you don’t seem to need to have talk yourself into the right ones.”

Jackie telling Danny she didn’t warn him about Linda’s probable reaction to the dress because he had it coming. Ha! He sure did.

Being suspicious of the wife the moment Sabrina said she was sleeping with King.

Loving Danny’s answer to Sabrina’s “What does she got that I don’t have?”.

How easily the wife gave up and confessed when Danny and Jackie caught up with her.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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