SANCTUARY “For King and Country” Season 3 Episode 8

SANCTUARY For King and Country

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of SANCTUARY “For King and Country” Season 3 Episode 8 which airs Friday December 3 at 10pm on Syfy. You can read all our Sanctuary coverage here.

Episode Synopsis: SANCTUARY “For King and Country” Season 3 Episode 8 – In the next all-new episode of Sanctuary, Tesla is actually humbled by unknown technology. Henry tries to calm him down, as Tesla expresses he’s never seen such technology, or even imagined it for that matter. Henry of course just wants to explore as quick as possible. Tesla gives him the go ahead to search through new found organic matter. They both brace themselves while anticipating the worst. See what they discover by watching the clip and tuning in on Friday at 10/9c only on Syfy. Thanks so much for posting!

Show Summary: Sanctuary, the first broadcast quality Sci-Fi series to migrate from the Internet to network (cable) television, and the first TV series to be recorded by a digital RED camera using green screen technology on almost every shot, stars Stargate SG-1 veteran Amanda Tapping as Dr.… More Helen Magnus. Dr. Magnus heads a global network of Sanctuaries for supernatural creatures, or as she likes to call them, Abnormals – which she retrieves from all over the world. Having injected a serum she created from pure, ancient vampire blood, Magnus and a small group of colleagues have come to possess special, paranormal abilities, or “powers” – hers being extreme longevity. Helen Magnus is a very beautiful and very well-preserved 158-years-old.

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