NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Anniversary” Review

No Ordinary Family (ABC) - No Ordinary Anniversary

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Anniversary” Season 1 Episode 9 – On tonight’s NO ORDINARY FAMILY episode, titled “No Ordinary Anniversary”, a serial arsonist (Theo) with fire-making superpowers is on the loose. Jim and Stephanie plan a romantic date, but end up chasing Theo. The Powells, George, Dr. King, and Will attempt to get the super-villain before he is incarcerated. With their parents out, JJ and Daphne host a poker game using their powers to their advantage. Katie checks on the kids at the house, giving Will a chance to snoop.

On Jim and Stephanie: First thought – how sweet, Jim made an anniversary gift for Stephanie. Second thought – Thing(s) from Addams Family. I love Team Powell, crime fighting duo. It offers a new dynamic to the action scenes, and amps up the danger and excitement factor.

On Daphne and JJ: JJ is again the source of mischief and trouble. They let Will into the house! It’s like with vampires. Once you invite him in, he can come and go more easily and more often. The anniversary gift is broken; how ominous. I’m glad JJ lost the poker money.

On The Watcher: Will can make things and people do what he wants them to do! No wonder he needs the green goo (from the Amazon?) that Dr. King has. Does it act like a drug, so that he needs it; or is life just better with powers than without them? Why would he let Daphne know that he can block his thoughts from her? Again why doesn’t he inform Dr. King about the Powells who snuffed out Theo with their powers?

On Dr. Francis Chiles: I never liked the whiny and arrogant character Francis, but I definitely like him after tonight’s episode. He stood up to Dr. King of all people, not willing to spy for him. Yeah, it was mostly out of pride, but I’ll take it. And now it seems he will be a key figure in moving forward the story. Maybe we will finally get some answers.

There is something I don’t understand about No Ordinary Family. The episodes are charming and perfectly fun and watchable, but as a whole they also seem to be bordering on boring at times. The show has all the elements of a hit show – good premise, great cast, decent writing. But the underlying plot is moving so painstakingly slow that each episode gives the impression of being technically the same. Jim jumps; Stephanie runs; Daphne listens; and JJ thinks. We know that evil is lurking in the forms of Dr. King, Will, and other random miscreants; but we still don’t know much about the what, when, where, and why. Aargh!

What do you think about episode 9 “No Ordinary Anniversary” of No Ordinary Family?