THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 8” Review

X Factor Results Show 8

THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 8” – Who will get into the semi finals of The X Factor? More importantly, how many times will Bieber flip his hair? Will his hair flipping be powerful enough to send One Direction’s amateurs into the abyss? Let’s find out shall we?

Instead of the usual group performance, we have The Wanted, singing in carnival cars. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Both are quite dull, but at least with the group performance it’s sort of entertaining to watch them massacre a classic. The Wanted are One Direction without the hair. JLS without the dance moves. Group performances without the entertainment.

Justin Bieber is up. My favorite part of these performances are always the resume montages and you have to admit, he has one awesome resume. He’s like a cute little robot with his sychronized dancing and miming.

Unfortunately coming after Bieber is Nicole Scherzinger, who has a hairdo like Nicki Minaj. I really like Nicole Scherzinger, and unlike Bieber she’s probably singing live. This is perfect evidence to that that doesn’t matter one notch.

The results!

The first one through to the semi finals is: Rebecca. Matt is through, then Cher. One Direction look like they’re going to knife her, but there’s no need since they’re through.

The bottom three are Katie, Wagner and Mary. It’d be interesting to see if Louis will lose both his acts. Katie received the fewest and she is finally gone. She bids a gracious farewell. She’s probably relieved. She’ll only miss one show, since the finalists always return for the final.

Wagner, in his sing-off/final performance, since Unforgettable. You have to laugh at the cheek.

Mary, who is definately getting through, is singing loud and powerful. No thrusting pelvis. Just singing. Thank God.

And, unsurprisingly, Wagner is gone.

For the first time ever my predictions were correct. Katie and Wagner were gone, and the semi finals next week may actually resemble a talent show.

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