GOSSIP GIRL “Gaslit” Review


GOSSIP GIRL “Gaslit” Season 4 Episode 10 – I am stepping in for Amie for this week’s review of Gossip Girl, but never fear, she will be back next week.

I am not sure what is going on with Gossip Girl. I feel like lately things have been stuck in a rut. We have the same storylines and the same characters hashing out the same old stories. Take Chuck and Blair, for example. By far, they are my favorite couple. I absolutely adore them and love every minute that they are on the screen together, especially if it involves sexscapades. However, this back and forth nonsense has to end. I think that in the last three episodes they have changed their minds as to whether they are together or apart. First they are apart. Then they are just friends. Then friends with benefits. Then back on only to be off again. And now they are supposed to be friends? I am dizzy. I just want them to be on, evil and scheming. That is what they do best, am I right?

Poor Serena. She cannot get away from her past. If your friend disappeared off the face of the earth days before and then was found in a seedy motel full of drugs, would your first instinct be to believe she is using drugs despite the fact that you have seen no other evidence that this is occurring? Or how about the fact that mere weeks ago you uncovered a plot by Juliet to bring down Serena? Shouldn’t that have entered anyone’s mind? Well, except Dan. He is always willing to give everyone a second chance. I am not a fan of yet another Dan and Serena pairing. Too played out.

At first I was happy that Jenny said she was leaving for good, but I think I will actually miss her. I always enjoyed her interaction with Blair and was happy that she came clean. Perhaps it will be Vanessa that goes away for good? How will Dan or anyone else trust her again?

I really felt bad for Chase. He wanted to believe his Dad had changed. He convinced himself and his mom only to find out that it is probably just a con by his Dad to make the parole board happy so he can be free. With the amount of faith Chase put into his father, it is surprising that he so quickly turned on Serena. Maybe he can only have so much hope and his was used on his father?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Gossip Girl? Do you think we have seen the last of Juliet? She will probably resurface or Blair (and Dan!) will find her. How will this all end? Will Serena’s reputation be saved? Will Lily continue to pay Juliet? You would think of all people Lily would be a bit smarter about being scammed. I am a bit disappointed. Tell me what you thought about this week’s episode and where you think the rest of the season is heading in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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  • Great review Dani! Totally agree, Chuck and Blair need to be together and scheming again. Personally, I don’t want Dan and Serena to end up together. They whole step-brother/sister thing weird me out. I haven’t been a fan of Serena’s this season, but I feel like if she doesn’t deserve what’s happened to her. I hope Juliet gets caught and Lily takes her down 🙂

    • Thanks, Amie! It was fun reviewing the show for you. Dan and Serena do have that brother/sister vibe even without the fact that they are step brother and sister. Yuck. I think Juliet will get caught and a lot of people will take her down. It will be fun!