THE X FACTOR UK “Live Show 8” Review

X Factor Live Show 8

THE X FACTOR UK “Live Show 8” – It will be a double elimination tomorrow night, so let’s see if Katie’s pixie haircut and Wagner’s insanity will bring them into the semi finals.

Wagner sings Creep, which is almost worse than seeing him in a hot tub. He gets to sing on the glowing circle stage. The performance is fine, for him, but it’s the pulsating black heart with spikes which has really caught my eyes. He’s complimented, which is usually a tactic employed by the judges to get rid of popular but horrific contestants.

One Direction are singing Summer of ’69. Simon’s made it clear that Harry (I suppose he is one of the groups) chose the song. They sing, they jump, they flip their hair. Louis is probably right, they probably are the ‘next big thing’. Which I think, actually, is sort of fine.

Mary sings All I Want Is You, and she goes for the personal backstory, which was so X Factor 2006. Despite my cynicism I have to admit, it’s excellent. From opening note to closing, it’s excellent. Not even the back up dancers annoy me.

Cutey tooty Cher Lloyd is up next (Cheryl should be shot) and she sings Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend. She’s back to rapping, and I have to say her performance was uber fun.

Rebecca felt that the pressure got to her last week. She’s from Liverpool, The Beatles were from Liverpool, ooh the pressure. The first song she sings is Still Haven’t Found in leopard print dress. Of course her voice is awesome, and the lighting patterns in the smoke on stage are quite cool. It’s very good, just not very exciting.

No Rock Week would be complete without I Love Rock and Roll. Luckily, Matt is more Britney than Janice. Far more entertaining than his singing was the dancers, especially since he totally fudged the last note.

Katie sings Sex on Fire, with fire in the background, and the crowd suddenly loves her. They love the real Katie. Louis thinks she should front her own band.

I wonder if the back up dancers thought that one day, after years and years of blood, sweat and tears of dancing, they would be writhing about on stage whilst Wagner sang Addicted To Love. Probably not.

One Direction sing You Are So Beautiful, to prove they can sing. More interesting than this bland performance is seeing which of the boys gets the most screams. It seems the one who sulked in bootcamp is the tween favorite.

Mary is singing Brass In Pocket. I heard the phrase “pelvic thrust” and I literally died. It’s worse than anything Wagner has ever done. Why does she have to dance? Brian Friedman clearly hates her.

Rebecca’s second song is Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. The microphone is covering her mouth, so her cheeky grins are lost. The leather dress is a bit weird, but nothing is as embarrasing as Matt Cardle’s tank top last week. This is just not the song for her voice. Of course the judges love her.

Katie sings Everybody Hurts, and yet, it’s horrible. She looks like she’s going to have a psychotic meltdown. Simon thought the song needed an extra 30 seconds. Really, Simon? Really?

Matt is here to make you remember Knights In White Satin. Strumming on his guitar he’s that old fellow at the karaoke nights, except that old fellow would probably wear a hat. The judges love it, of course.

Cher wants to go out with a bang and singing Walk This Way. Her hair has tripled in size since last she was on. The judges love her (sort of-Dannii you’re ruining the producer’s ideas!) but Simon sees the money she could make. Cheryl calls her dreamy.

And that’s a wrap on Rock Week. My favorite performance was Cher’s Girlfriend. I’d say Katie and perhaps Wagner may get the boot.

Who were your favorites/least favorites? And who do you think will head home tonight? Sound off in the comments below!

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