AMERICAN DAD “There Will Be Bad Blood” Review

AMERICAN DAD "There Will Be Bad Blood"

AMERICAN DAD “There Will Be Bad Blood” Season 7 Episode 6 – This week’s epsiode of American Dad centered around Thanksgiving and took the debate behind the true history of the pilgrims and the Indians to a whole other level.

Every year Stan invites his half brother, Rusty, and Rusty’s family to his house for Thanksgiving under the guise of giving them the experience of things they don’t have back home from where Stan imagines they live. Actually, though, Stan just wants to show off as the “rich” brother. When it is revealed that Rusty is actually the rich one and has a huge mansion built into the side of a mountain, things get ugly.

This episode was obviously a statement about the true history of the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it was done in a fun and entertaining way at least. The paralells between the pilgrims and Indians and Stan and his half-brother (who is also half Indian) were quite amusing. Why wouldn’t it be your first thought to steal your half-brother’s land that you thought was rightfully yours even though you chose money over what you thought was worthless land? I loved the old family switcheroo though. As if Rusty’s family would just wake up in Stan’s house and think “Oh well. I guess we live here now.”

It was interesting that each brother started off with semi-good intentions. They wanted to show their children that they should be grateful with what they have. Later, however, it just tore them further apart with Stan telling Rusty he shouldn’t exist and Rusty threatening to kill Stan if he ever sets foot on his property again (which turns out be problematic since apparently Rusty owns the entire desert). It also showed just how much money can tear a family apart. Not so shabby for a “cartoon.”

On to the humor! Tonight’s episode had a lot of good lines and scenes. My favorites included:

Stan telling his daughter that she had no idea what gets him off and “probably never will.”

Stan literally rubbing his cashmere sweater in Rusty’s face after declaring he wasn’t going to rub his wealth in their faces.

“My whole body is a joystick.”

“Let’s see who died. A balanced breakfast.”

The entire flashback of Roger and his wolf, Felicity, a take on the You Tube video of the man and the cub, except this wasn’t Roger’s wolf and they all got attacked.

In the end, Stan learned nothing as he had Haley’s husband Jeff move in and proceeded to start showing off how rich he was and how poor Jeff was.

What did you think of this week’s episode of American Dad? Did you think the pilgrim vs Indian thing played out well or was a bit too much for a Thanksgiving episode? Do you think Jeff will continue to live in the household or will he be gone by next week? Tell us what you think and what your favorite line or moment was in the comment section below.

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