TOWER PREP “Book Report” Review

Tower Prep Book Report

TOWER PREP “Book Report” Episode 6 – Not even a book report at TOWER PREP is an easy thing to accomplish, as Ian discovers in this weeks episode, “Book Report”. Ian and his friends are assigned Homer’s Odyssey and after spending the week blowing it off are up against a deadline to read it. They need it to pass literature and get on step closer to graduation and possible escape from Tower Prep. There are no Cliff Notes or other short cuts at the school and they set out to find other “cheats” before settling down to the ultimate horror of actually reading the book. The best of these attempts is Flash, the guy down the hall, who takes in information instantaneously but can only regurgitate it the same way. That leaves the gang with one choice. Read the book. Ian grabs his copy and opens it and… Oh, yeah, you knew that and was coming didn’t you?

Ian’s copy is special. (Of course it is.) The previous owner has left it full of notes and underlining that sets Ian out on a journey through Tower Prep that mimic’s Odysseus and his trials in the Odyssey. Once he realizes the the notes are meant for him, Ian tries to track down the note-writer and along the way crosses paths with student forms of the Sirens, Medusa and even the Minotuar. When he discovers the skull of what could be a Cyclops, Ian returns to his friends and they all set out to solve this latest mystery of Tower Prep. Following the clues, they are led to a cemetary of “monsters” and a tunnel that gives Ian one more piece in his quest to find the answers of the school.

I know I’ve said the writers use stock plots for their episodes, and you really can’t find one more stock than the Odyssey, it is kind of the Father of all Plots in a way. One of the primordial stories of Western Civilization. The episode is a bright and refreshing take and I bet bookstores show a spike in sales of Homer in the next few days as viewers race out to buy it. Okay, that might be a little overly dramatic, but this episode was fabulous.

The bond Ian and his friends share is a centerpiece of the show. As they delve deeper into their own little Odyssey, Ian’s concern for his “crew” becomes paramount, and their loyalty to their “captain” shines throughout the story. This episode also introduces a few characters that I hope might make return appearances, even their brief moments on screen added a great deal to an already amazing episode.

From the beginning with the girls asking the teacher if the Odyssey had any brooding vampires or handsome werewolves to CJ’s remark (once they are involved with Ian and his journey) that the story was way more depressing in real life, this episode had everything that makes great viewing. Our sympathetic heroes, battles with monsters, the continuing mystery and in the end a very unlikely hero. Tower Prep’s “Book Report” was not only the best episode of the season, it might be one of the best episodes of any show I have seen this year.