THE GOOD WIFE “On Tap” Review

The Good Wife 'On Tap'

THE GOOD WIFE “On Tap” Season 2 Episode 8 – This Fall season, I think everyone can agree, has not been the best for television. I sometimes wonder if my standards are too high, if I’m expecting too much, but week after week, show after show, The Good Wife leaves me nothing but awed and frothing for the next episode, and, amid all of the garbage on television at the moment and the television shows that pretend to be high quality I appreciate just how difficult something like The Good Wife is to pull off, how fantastically creative the cast and crew behind the best show on television are that they can spin plots around layered characters with such ease, episode after episode, and how special this show is.

This week revolved around a wiretap case. Alicia and her fellow employees were made to delve through hours upon hours of tedious wiretapped conversations in square, windowless, heated closets in the Feds basement. A black Muslim politician was accused of accepting donations from Islamic extremists. In return, he approved a the building of a mosque. Where lesser shows would have preached about the case of the good minority, it turns out this guy isn’t a terrorist: he’s accepting money from drug deals. He’s another type of scum altogether, but thankfully, so are Lockhart, Gardner & Bond, who get him off.

In order to do so, Alicia delves through various wiretapped conversations. Here she learns the Feds are wiretapping Eli, and, finally, she learns about Will’s deleted voicemail professing his love for her. This final wrap up about the Will and Alicia tale is probably my least favorite facet of the show. I like Will the lawyer, and whilst as a person I dislike Peter, as a viewer, I think he as the romantic lead is the more enjoyable.

More interesting than the wiretapping sessions was the case, with the presiding judge’s amusing quirk that every statement must include “in my opinion.” Watching Diane lower her dignity in order to squirm her way into the judge’s favor was one of those added treats The Good Wife adds: it’s not at all necessary to the plot, but it’s fun as hell to watch.

We also finally found out what plan Diane has been hatching for some time: she is intending to split Lockhart from Bond & Gardner, and enter a new partnership and create her own law firm. She wants Eli to come with her, which, being loyal only to the Florricks, he basically tells her that he’ll go where Alicia goes. That is until Diane informs him he’s being wiretapped, which I’m pretty sure is illegal (though if anyone knows better, by all means correct me) and he will need a lawyer.

Meanwhile, the despicable blonde Becca (despicable in the best possible way) that the naive Zach has been hanging out with has finally done some proper damage as the Childs’ campaign, in retaliation for the incestuous video Zach and Becca made of Glenn Childs and his son, retaliates, and poor Grace becomes their first victim as a video of her being hounded about her father by some jerks is put up online.

Remember the awesome Kalinda batting Blake’s car scene? Remember Dr Booth’s inability to testify because he was assaulted? Well, this week these two threads were wonderfully brought together as Blake frames Kalinda for Dr Booth’s injuries using her baseball bat. It’s a full on war between these two, and I cannot remember the last time sexual tension on screen burned so bright.

What did you think of this episode? What does the split of Lockhart, Gardner & Bond mean for the show? Sound off in the comments below!

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