THE EVENT “Your World to Take” Review

The Event

THE EVENT “Your World to Take” Season 1 Episode 9 – Thomas has had enough of his domineering mother, the Vice President wakes up, and Dempsey sends a man after Leila – but why?

I missed a memo this week. The first one reminded me that The Event had aired this week (hence the late review). The second told me to give a damn about the events of this episode. Don’t get me wrong, as far as this show goes, this week’s episode was pretty enjoyable. It was just a mess.

In the first ten minutes there’s an info-dump about the aliens. We’re told that they came here through a portal of some kind, that their presence will eventually affect humanity negatively, and that their homeworld is dying. What sort of ‘portal’? How will they affect humanity? Where is their homeworld and why is it in dire straits? No idea and no real reason to care, either. The aliens don’t look particularly concerned with any of it themselves, they just want to stay put.

Sidenote: This reunion conference of ‘others’ was much more interesting in The 4400. Sophia is like the poor man’s Jordan Collier. We actually had big speeches from him, all Sophia has to do for a round of applause is say that it’s good to be back. Funny how the people applauding her are the same people who disagree with her plan to go home. One would think they wouldn’t be quite so happy to see her.

Sophia’s been back in charge for all of five minutes and Thomas is already annoyed. She puts him down, tells him he’s not a leader, and in return, he has to give up his position to her. It’s no surprise he wants to kill her. What does seem a little odd is that she claims the aliens could have escaped Inostranka anytime they wanted. I can understand her reasons for not doing so, but surely Thomas knows how resourceful his mother is – and how domineering she is, too. So why did he even bother to get her out of there? While she was in there, he had control and the aliens were happy in their humdrum human-esque lives.

Let’s just toss those questions onto the whole heap this episode created.

But let us not forget Isabelle, she who came along, made Thomas try to kill his mother, and was then offed – all in the space of one episode. Yet another character I didn’t give a damn about. I have never felt more apathetic toward a group of characters than I do with The Event. We skip between so many different characters and situations that it’s hard to feel anything for anyone. I was interested in Isabelle’s final choice though. Why wouldn’t she be able to survive without contact with her kind? It would be hard, of course, but would she just miss them a lot or would there be an actual physical adverse effect?

By the way, hello Simon. I assume we’ll finally return to your personal storyline next week?

Dempsey sent someone after Leila. He was supposed to shoot her up with one of Dempsey’s shots. If it’s the same shot Dempsey used, we could assume it would make her even younger for a while. Or, if it was the type of shot used on the young girls, it would make her older. Is there a reason for this? Is Leila special in some way? Or are they trying to use her as a control sample against Samantha? (Which would be stupid given the difference in age, but I wouldn’t expect anything less at this point.)

The Event is becoming a much easier show to watch. There are no crazy time jumps back and forth and the storyline is fairly straightforward. But without giving us reasons to care about these characters, we can only watch for the mystery. And the mystery really isn’t engrossing enough to keep me coming back. I hope the second half of the season (which begins early next year) is more interesting, but first we have to get through next week’s midseason finale.

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