SONS OF ANARCHY “June Wedding” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “June Wedding” Season 3 Episode 12 – Oh, Stahl. You are, without a doubt, a grade A bitch. I thought Gemma had a heavy streak of bitch running through her, but you’ve been dipped in the entire paint pot. Wow, just wow.

Did anyone else see Tyler’s death coming? I expected Tyler to figure out what Stahl was doing and bring her down, not get brought down herself. The end of this episode was possibly my favourite part of the season so far. Stahl disclosing her relationship with Tyler – only to use it as a prop in her scheme – was brilliantly done.

The rest of the episode was good, if a little uneven. The fake out that lead the viewer to believe Tara may be dead was unfulfilling. If the body had been Tara, it would have been a simple end to the character – maybe too simple. But the body being someone we had never even laid eyes on before was just too convenient and marred what was otherwise an enjoyable episode.

Gemma had a couple of lovely moments this week. Her ‘welcome back’ to Unser was great (as was Jax inviting him to breakfast later in the episode). He’s been an ally of the club for far too long for them to cast him out completely when he makes a mistake. Now that Charming PD is at risk of becoming obsolete, Unser’s role will be changing from ally to just plain friend. I hope we still see him around in season 4.

The second moment I loved was Opie asking for Gemma’s advice about Lyla. It was a reminder that Gemma is the maternal head of SAMCRO, which itself is a family. In that instance, Gemma was talking to a man the same age as her own son, being the mother he doesn’t have a lot of the time. It made me smile when Opie took Lyla up to Jax’s little sitting area to propose to her. Will she say yes?

And let’s not forget Kozik and Tig. We’ve watched these two snipe and grumble and beat the snot out of each other for three months now (one month in-show). They’ve made references to ‘her’ and how they both cared about her. This week Kozik plainly said ‘I loved her too’. I geared up for some tearjerker of a story about a mutual lost love, Tig’s old lady who died…

It was a dog. I know people love their dogs. Some people love their dogs more than humans and more power to them, whatever floats their boat. But all of this was over a dog? I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. A dog! Jeez. I can’t even think about this anymore, my brain is just stuck on ‘a dog!’

I would comment on Jimmy O but the Russian guy sounded like Chekov from Star Trek and made me laugh, so I’m going to leave any serious discussion about that storyline until next week.

What did you think of ‘June Wedding’? Are you happy the boys are back in Charming? What did you think of Stahl killing Tyler? And what about that dog? Let us know in the comments below!